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somehow chairs were put on top of the tables overnight, when they were definately down the night before

and tonight, something fell in the backroom that had been up on a shelf for like 3 days. then we saw that the back door was open, so me, alaina, and brooke were freaked out!! i got a big ass pole, alaina got a knife..........and brooke got a rubber spatula. we never found anyone in the store besides us, but we were hella freaked out!!!!!

so i have a new crush
her name is chelsea. whats ironic, is i liked her older sister last year. oh well :), chealsea is friggin hottt. and idk if she thinks im cool. ive talked to her a little bit, and every time i see her in lunch or in the halls shes looking at me. seriously. so idk what will happen. i want a girlfriend; not to "have someone", but more because im getting tired of not having one. i need to be smoochin girls like a senior should be....

theater sux. theater 4 kids are having to teach the theater 2 kids how to act and "the ropes" of theater. that sux balls!!! alot of people have been pissy lately, but i really dont care. if someones pissy, i just dont have to talk to them.

eve and i found a new love.....quepappas!!!! mmmm, we had a quepappa party at her house. it was fun. her mom and dad took a few, and theyre lucky they still have their fingers....because quepappas are friggin fantastic!!!
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