M. Cow (veggiematt06) wrote,
M. Cow

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ya so nuthin much has been goin on lately

still got crazy girls messing with my mind.........blah
ya so im going to see the exorcism of emily rose tonight at 10, but idk what will happen. beccas messin with my mind! gaw. and emilys flaky. sara i havent talked to in a couple days.


I think im gonna just not care for a bit.

katie kimberlin is awesome. shes so kool and funny.

i havent done much with eve lately, except in school. that makes me sad. she was wearing my belt the other day and her mom asked why she hasnt given it back to me lately. she thought that just b/c i havent been to their house in like a week that were not friends anymore. its only been a week since ive been there, so that was odd.
ya and this morning Fox 4 news did a live show about our pep rally, so that was fun.

so as of now, girls are buggin me, i wanna do something fun with eve, and ya, girls are bugging me...

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