M. Cow (veggiematt06) wrote,
M. Cow

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yea so yesterday i got a girls # at work

woot 4 me

am i a pimp or what??????

the answer is YES!!!

I am a pimp

yea AND shes a friggin chearleader!!!!!!!


yea i knew her from driving school, but i had lost her # when i lost my phone so she gave it to me again and told me to call her...yay 4 me

i got a new computer desk and im gonna paint it so it looks awesome.

yay i dont have to go to school on monday. thank you labor day, or whatever it is. i really have no idea, but yay 4 it b/c i dont have to go to school.

end of journal side A, please turn over to side B........................

haha, i hope nobody tried to "turn over a journal"

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