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yea so 2day i finalized things with eve.........not gonna happen. were just gona be good friends. im actually not that sad about it. i would have liked if things worked out but i thinks it actually would have messed thigns up with our friendship, and i dont want to do that. shes the best friend ive ever had so i definatley dont wanna fuck it up.

peters probably not gonna work out with emily either. aparently shes bipolar and moody, and thats not cool. i think were just gonna go solo for a bit.

aww, i got amandas present today too. its soooo and funny. i love amanda. shes awesome and always cool to me. she got me a kiddy plastic sword and wrote "tetsusaiga" on it. so now its an official inuyasha sword. woot NOBODY ELSE HAS THAT. im cooler now. woot for me. thanks again amanda!

peace out bitches
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