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woah now...

yea so wednesday this girl from my DI class asked me out........well actually her friend did it for her........in a dang text message!!!!!!!!! how gay is that. how impersonal can u get??? yea so i sad no, of course b/c i dont really want to go out with anyone now, i just want a real real good friend, its less stressful that way. and whats weird is that girls a freshman who i had known for TWO DAYS!! how can u possible know enough about someone in two freakin days??? i dont get it. i uess she just wants my ginormous weeny....yea i get that alot ;). so yea i still need to talk to someone about stuff, but i dont really want to say what it is. its a secret mission. hehe. yea so i really wanted to hang out with eve tonight, but shes got to go to a stupid football game to do flash stuff. bummer. now i dont know what to do tonight. i think theres something upsetting eve b/c shes been acting weird latley, like she wont talk very much....:( so sad...
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