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M. Cow's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in M. Cow's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
11:43 pm
hello again

I finally got back on live journal and read the postings I made back in 2005. They were interesting to read again. I don't regret anything I used to think, but it's funny.

Well now my life is a little different. I'm dating a  girl named Heather Burden. In one more week we will have been going out for four months. This is the longest relationships I've ever been in; her too. haha.

Right now all I'm doing is working at CVS, going to school sometimes, and working on making my Greenville movie. I'm really excited and need to get back to filming. I don't want this to end up like all my other movies.

Well that's all for now because I need to go to sleep and take a bath because I haven't taken one since friday...and it's tuesday now. haha, that's only funny to me.

later bitches

Current Mood: naughty
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
4:39 pm

i finally got my license!!!

now i can drive whenever i want too BECAUSE I GOT A CAR TOO!!! well i wont actually have it for like another week, but oh well..ill be driving soon enough.


Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
8:57 pm

somehow chairs were put on top of the tables overnight, when they were definately down the night before

and tonight, something fell in the backroom that had been up on a shelf for like 3 days. then we saw that the back door was open, so me, alaina, and brooke were freaked out!! i got a big ass pole, alaina got a knife..........and brooke got a rubber spatula. we never found anyone in the store besides us, but we were hella freaked out!!!!!

so i have a new crush
her name is chelsea. whats ironic, is i liked her older sister last year. oh well :), chealsea is friggin hottt. and idk if she thinks im cool. ive talked to her a little bit, and every time i see her in lunch or in the halls shes looking at me. seriously. so idk what will happen. i want a girlfriend; not to "have someone", but more because im getting tired of not having one. i need to be smoochin girls like a senior should be....

theater sux. theater 4 kids are having to teach the theater 2 kids how to act and "the ropes" of theater. that sux balls!!! alot of people have been pissy lately, but i really dont care. if someones pissy, i just dont have to talk to them.

eve and i found a new love.....quepappas!!!! mmmm, we had a quepappa party at her house. it was fun. her mom and dad took a few, and theyre lucky they still have their fingers....because quepappas are friggin fantastic!!!

Current Mood: energetic
Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
8:54 pm
ya so i havent posted in a hella long time. thought id start up again for all the people who care to read about the life known as MATT.....

so today amanda and eve came over to my house, but i was at work, so i didnt get to see them then, but i did go over to their house once i got off work. i had A BLAST!!!!!!!!!! those two are two of my FAVORITE people to be around. I WUVVLES THEM SO MUCH!!!! so all we really accomplished was.....
1) i attacked amanda with a broom
2) me and eve were raptors
3) me and amanda had a kinky closet lightsaber fight ;)
4) i got a scoop of eve boobie and a scoop of amanda boobie........haha that sounds funny
thats about it..well i pretty much just ran around for 30 minutes (because thats the longest i could stay b/c of dumb work) i guess this was my workout for the day.

i think i cheered up amanda because she was pissed at her stupid computer that thought it would be funny to crap up her essay for school. *shakes a fist at amandas computer*

my bro is car shopping and my dad saw one he likes so hes thinking about buying it and giving me the honda!! im so happy. now im semi normal because i think im officially the only senior at school without a car...

AND tomorrow i am plannign on ordering my new phone. this is a good week for me!!!!!!! :)x10000
so tomorrow me and eve are going to go to the mall and eat alot of food because we are fat kids. YAY!!!
(and eves g-ma gave her $300!!! so she better buy me stuff or ill eat her)

the end

Current Mood: hyper
Friday, September 9th, 2005
4:33 pm
ya so nuthin much has been goin on lately

still got crazy girls messing with my mind.........blah
ya so im going to see the exorcism of emily rose tonight at 10, but idk what will happen. beccas messin with my mind! gaw. and emilys flaky. sara i havent talked to in a couple days.


I think im gonna just not care for a bit.

katie kimberlin is awesome. shes so kool and funny.

i havent done much with eve lately, except in school. that makes me sad. she was wearing my belt the other day and her mom asked why she hasnt given it back to me lately. she thought that just b/c i havent been to their house in like a week that were not friends anymore. its only been a week since ive been there, so that was odd.
ya and this morning Fox 4 news did a live show about our pep rally, so that was fun.

so as of now, girls are buggin me, i wanna do something fun with eve, and ya, girls are bugging me...


Current Mood: annoyed
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
6:30 pm
yea so yesterday i got a girls # at work

woot 4 me

am i a pimp or what??????

the answer is YES!!!

I am a pimp

yea AND shes a friggin chearleader!!!!!!!


yea i knew her from driving school, but i had lost her # when i lost my phone so she gave it to me again and told me to call her...yay 4 me

i got a new computer desk and im gonna paint it so it looks awesome.

yay i dont have to go to school on monday. thank you labor day, or whatever it is. i really have no idea, but yay 4 it b/c i dont have to go to school.

end of journal side A, please turn over to side B........................

haha, i hope nobody tried to "turn over a journal"


Current Mood: mellow
Sunday, August 28th, 2005
10:22 pm
yea so 2day i finalized things with eve.........not gonna happen. were just gona be good friends. im actually not that sad about it. i would have liked if things worked out but i thinks it actually would have messed thigns up with our friendship, and i dont want to do that. shes the best friend ive ever had so i definatley dont wanna fuck it up.

peters probably not gonna work out with emily either. aparently shes bipolar and moody, and thats not cool. i think were just gonna go solo for a bit.

aww, i got amandas present today too. its soooo and funny. i love amanda. shes awesome and always cool to me. she got me a kiddy plastic sword and wrote "tetsusaiga" on it. so now its an official inuyasha sword. woot NOBODY ELSE HAS THAT. im cooler now. woot for me. thanks again amanda!

peace out bitches

Current Mood: okay
Friday, August 26th, 2005
2:25 pm
woah now...
yea so wednesday this girl from my DI class asked me out........well actually her friend did it for her........in a dang text message!!!!!!!!! how gay is that. how impersonal can u get??? yea so i sad no, of course b/c i dont really want to go out with anyone now, i just want a real real good friend, its less stressful that way. and whats weird is that girls a freshman who i had known for TWO DAYS!! how can u possible know enough about someone in two freakin days??? i dont get it. i uess she just wants my ginormous weeny....yea i get that alot ;). so yea i still need to talk to someone about stuff, but i dont really want to say what it is. its a secret mission. hehe. yea so i really wanted to hang out with eve tonight, but shes got to go to a stupid football game to do flash stuff. bummer. now i dont know what to do tonight. i think theres something upsetting eve b/c shes been acting weird latley, like she wont talk very much....:( so sad...

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, August 25th, 2005
9:20 pm
So ive been told that my journals are boring.


is that interesting enough for yall beotches????
Well it better be. Im writing journals for myself, thats why like 5 are blocked from you, the unworthy public. BURNNN!!!
But just to please yall.......

So yea, today was crappy....I was going to school and i fell in the mud!! Everyone laughed at me and called me names. That made me sad....all i want is acceptance!! Why cant i be like a normal kid????? Maybe i should go and kill myself. Maybe that would make everyone happy. Im not worthy to walk this earth!! *BANG*

ARE YOU HAPPY??????????/

p.s. that was a joke. i really am the coolest kid in the world, and everyone likes me.

*sniff sniff*
ew krista........did u just queef?

Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
7:49 pm
so eve came over like 2:30ish and gave me my b-day present. then we played some computer games and watched fruits baskets. My dad and his friend bruno got me some new weapons which is soo cool. Then me and eve did a henna tattoo on eeach other of a pic of a triforce with a bird thing. i got mine on my arm and she got hers by her belly button. they look good. then i told her how i feel.....i dont get it....blah

Current Mood: confused
10:15 am
my birthday!!!
yay!!! its my birthday!! um its only like 10:15 and not much has happened, but a friends supposed to come over l8r, that will be fun. And my dads friend is buying me a sword!!! so freakin cool!! so ill post more later...
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